Saturday, December 15, 2007

Little Pork Chop

Here is the latest pictures of our little pork chop. I love the one of her sleeping in her high chair. The other one is in the LR, sitting on her snugglewool blanket in her Kusikuy wool diaper pants -- they are awesome!!!
She went to the doctor's yesterday for a diaper rash (ended up being a yeast infection). We've been fighting this rash thing for a few weeks and have tried everything, including rewashing all the cloth diapers in bleach to see if was the diapers causing the rash. We found out yesterday that she was finally approved for medical insurance, effective Jan. 1st, 2008. That was a nightmare, especially after getting a $175.00 bill from the pediatrician for her first appt right after we've brought her home!!! The good news is that she's gained 3 lbs since we've been home and is now 19.1 lbs!!!!

The adjustment to being home is going well. We've been pretty busy with "life" so I haven't had much of a chance to post. We have two close like-family members have surgery, so I've made a few trips to the hospital in surrounding areas to be there. Pickles, aka Pork Chop, and I made these excursions. She's a great little traveler, except around dinner time and then she has a total meltdown!

Squeeker still wants to marry his sister. His philosophy is "Mommy, she's not my 'real' sister so I can marry her." Real for Matthew is biological. I wouldn't want anyone to misinterpret his undying love for his sister which is pretty evident to those that see him with her. Of course, he jokes and calls her "Miss High Maintenance" or my favorite "Princess." He's exceeded our expectations in his adjustment to having a baby sister.

Christmas is coming up quickly than we'd like. There is a lot of stress to get everything done. I say I'm simplifying, but honestly I'm having a hard time since the tree is barely up (prelit kind) with no ornaments. Geez,,,the branches are still scrunched up like they were in the box. I'm having at least 15 people for Christmas Eve dinner -- hadn't given that much thought either except to order the ham from Honey Baked Hams.

I keep reminding myself to take a moment and breath, and enjoy the moments.......Truthfully, holidays are always difficult. I really miss my mom. This Christmas is bittersweet -- sweet that we have our beautiful daughter, wonderful friends and family, an awesome church family. Bitter in that my mom is missing it and it makes me really sad. I know they say she is watching us from Heaven, but it's not the same.............I'd rather skip the holidays and take a cruise.

Merry Christmas everyone.....



Jocelyn said...

She is getting so big!!! Still cute as ever:-)

the albertsons said...

Hi Robin!
She is SO beautiful! What a little charmer. We'll have to meet you soon... sometime in the new year!
I know it can be hard around the holidays... just remember the true LIGHT we are celebrating and let Him center you. It's worked wonders for me :).
Thanks for posting the new pics... it's so fun to follow your story!
blessings today!

Drew Carey Show said...

I love seeing Pickles all plump and juicy. It's amazing how much they change once they come home! Glad you all are adjusting and that Squeekers love his little sis. How wonderful. Merry Christmas to you all!

Eileen and Jerry Mestas said...

Hello Sista, I am sorry I haven't called. Things are a bit crazy here! Five children under 5 yrs, getting breakfast done alone takes till noon and then it's lunch!! I don't even have time to potty all day. Oh yea, and then Dr. apts. sick household and Christmas shopping in between. Boy, talk about a tornado of events going on. Anyway, it is a joy to see your precious pickles, she is absolutely beautiful!! You are in my prayers and heart! Can't wait to get together. Until then, God Bless you all, Merry Christmas with your new precious baby girl that God created just for YOU!! In HIs Timing & Care, Eileen

Timm and Jennifer said...

What a sweetie pie! So, so cute!

Lindsey and Cortney said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and support during our difficult time. It was really all very amazing how God worked everything out! It is so great to see you all home!
Our love,
The Clevingers

Ellie said...

Hi! She is so cute, I can't wait to meet her! My mom had told me you were asking about the little boy that has down syndrome, A lady is there right now and posted about him, here is the link

Jim and Debbie said...

Hi Robin,
Pickles is adorable! Hope you're all doing well.
I was wondering if you happened to visit the Gladney foster care center for older children when you were in Ethiopia. I'm dying for more pictures of my 4 year old, Kuri, who is there. We are waiting for a court date to bring her home, and the wait is so hard!!