Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life's Twists and Turns

Today was yet another ordinary day in motherhood, but an unusual day in the life of a family. Today I lost a beloved aunt, my cousin lost his mother, an uncle lost his wife, and siblings lost their sister to cancer.

Almost three short years ago, we lost my mother to cancer and an uncle to a heart attack, both in the same week. All taken before "our" time. In the midst of sadness, it is hard to step back and see God's blessings. We ask "why"? We cry, we get angry, we question the fairness. The outcome does not change, only our perception of it. Some memories fade, others become stronger over time. And other memories reappear out of nowhere, so clear it is as if it happened yesterday. And time changes relationships; some for the better, others for the worse. And some are on a continuous roller coaster ride that seems endless. Yet death, for all of us, is inevitable. The emotional roller coaster ride(s) will end one day -- will there be sadness,? will there be regret? More importantly, will there be joy?

I look into the sweet face of my daughter and my beautiful son, and I am brought back to reality -- I remember what truly is important in life: faith, family and friends. We arrrive in this world naked, and we leave naked. We may leave financial wealth behind, we may leave behind debt, but that is all irrelevant. What truly matters is the legacy we leave to our family that comes after us: was she a good mother? was she a good wife? was she a Godly woman? was she a good daughter? was she a good friend? did she put others before herself? did she love unconditionally? did she love her enemies? did she try to honor God in all she did?

The challenge I face today is this: I've made mistakes in my life; some I regret, others I learned valuable lessons. The mistakes I regret more than any are the mistakes I've made with my children. Should I have played that game? Was dinner really more important? What will they remember about me when I'm gone? That's how I should live my children are the most important legacy I could ever leave behind.

It's sad that others miss this important truth, only to realize when it is too late.


Chelsey said...

Just wanted you to know that I am praying or peace and strenghth for you and your family during his time. I onderstnd your hurt, as I too have had some reecent losses - like you, I lost my mom to cancer and a year later my best friend died after giving birth to he 10th baby.

May God show you His faithfulness and His peace during this time.

Chelsey (from GMD)

HeidiD in CT said...

I'm so sorry for you loss. I hope you find peace in the beautiful faces of your two children. I didn't respond on the group, but please let me know when you're up this way b/c we'd love to meet you guys! It's funny, I kept looking at your blog thinking, "oh, it's been awhile since she's updated, I wonder how they're doing". Then I looked at the dates and realized that I didn't even notice how long it had been since I updated!! Hope I can keep up a little better now! Thinking of you.

The Breedlove family said...

I am sorry to read about the sadness that has struck your family. I will be thinking of your family. You are right...there are precious things (especially our children) in our lives that determine the people we are...and the legacy that we leave.


the albertsons said...

Hi Robin...
I know how hard it is to lose people. I'm so sorry. Thanks for posting about this. This is the "stuff" of life that forces us to stop and think about what is important. Sounds like you know what is :).
take care of yourself and those sweet children of yours!