Thursday, March 13, 2008

This One's for You, Anne

Gramma J had eye surgery right before Christmas -- hence the patch. I just love the Christmas Tree!!!!

I"ve been getting a lot of grief lately about not updating the blog with new pictures. Hmmm.......could it possibly be someone named Anne????? Well, this one's for you, Anne!!!!

Seriously, it's been a rough month and a half. We've had almost every version of the flu, upper resp. infection, ear infection and sinus infection going around this winter. The baby had to go to a pediatric cardiac specialist after a routine visit to Urgent Care. Fortunately, her heart is absolutely perfect. As an important FYI for parents with young children -- it is very difficult to get a good X-ray of a child's heart. Radiologists use inflated lungs as a frame a reference to determine the size of the heart. When a child's lungs aren't inflated, the heart appears to be larger than it actual is because the frame of reference is off. So, it was a bit of a scare, but we got a clean bill of health and all is well.

Did I mention teething????? Whew......teething is tough, but teething is really tough in your 40s. I've got to give David all the credit, because he's usually the one who usually stays up with her. She loves her Daddy......and wants her Daddy to soothe her back to sleep. Hopefully, Spring is here to stay in the Carolinas and the flu is gone, long gone, but not forgotten. was a really bad flu bug -- if you haven't had it, trust me, you don't want it!

Pickles had her first birthday --- it was pretty uneventful. She did eat cake -- got it all over the place, and of course, we forgot the camera at the shop, so no pictures. But, don't be alarmed -- we are going to save the day. We rescheduled her birthday party for this weekend. It was suppose to be a few weeks ago, but I was sick, so we rescheduled it. So Anne, hold on....there will be more pictures posted next week -- I promise!

These next few pictures are pretty funny, but weren't at the time. David had a business meeting tonight, so it was just me and the kids. Daylight savings time was early this year, so we took advantage of the beautiful spring day and went for a long walk down the street. We got back a bit late -- ate dinner a little late -- took baths a little late, blah blah blah. You know what happens next, right?????

I let Squeeker take a bath in my jacuzzi tub. He thought it was funny to take the bath sponge and pour water over Pickles AFTER she was bathed and ready for her bedtime bottle. Ok, it's funny now looking at the pictures, but it wasn't funny at the time! For those of you that don't know, I use cloth diapers, so she looks like she's really poofy below the waist -- it's her nightly diapers!!!

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