Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week One -- Post Referral

Wow....our feet are just starting to land on the ground. The reality of going from two children in the home, to four is starting to sink in. We have to buy a bigger car; so we've been researching that this week and finally made a decision on a Ford Expedition with the extra 15" of cargo space in the rear. Now that's going to be an adjustment for me to get used to! It'll be like driving a tank!

And tonight, I am pleased to say that we completed the last of our required training!!! Whoeee......what a relief that is!

Also, I had minor procedure done on my eyelid --No...not plastic surgery, but something I needed to get done before the end of the insurance year!

So, Post Referral - Week One has flown by.....Next week is Christmas,,,which seems unbelievable. I'd love to have a court date by then, but it's probably very unrealistic!

I know tomorrow is a big day for 12 Gladney families who have their court dates. Please know that I've been praying fervently for all of you. I'd love to see all twelve of them pass through! Now wouldn't that be something to celebrate!


Min said...

Wooohooo on the training! Doesn't it feel great to have all that done?

Take care and rest up...you're going to have fun once those two get home!

Sarah and Davis said...

Thanks for you kind words on our blog. Perhaps we'll end up being travel buddies depending on when your court date is. There is some comfort in at least knowing that we aren't they only ones this has happened to (we were the only ones today though). Tough tough day, to say the least.

Thanks for your encouragement.

sparkz said...

I hope we'll get court dates soon! I have NO clue when it will be, I'd just like to be issued one!

Isn't it nice to have another thing crossed off the list?! I was glad to get the training done but really enjoyed watching the videos!

I hate vehicle shopping. Good luck! I hope you find exactly what you want. At least you know WHICH vehicle you want!