Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visiting with Blog Friends

Wow..what a day! Becca and her three beautiful children came to our house today for a visit! We had a great time!!! Meeting Becca in person is so much better than knowing her from her blog!

Sammy was a little irritable at first. Poor thing is teething! And Pickles is teething her 2 year molars, so we know all about that!!!

Now,,,,,isn't Leah beautiful!!!!

Leah & Pickles.........

Sammy & Pickles (don't know why the pictures is sideways -- it isn't on the camera card.

Beautiful Becca.................with the hair in motion look!

A wild and noisy moment...............

A calmer always calms them down!!!!

I love this one of Leah feeding meely worms to our Chinese Water Dragons, Lucas and Lucy. No pictures of the lizards -- sorry to disappoint you all!

The kids all got along really well, although it was really loud (but I like that!!). Today was preparing me for what it is going to be like when we bring Big S and Little S home!'s going to be crazy!

We had fun working on Sam's hair -- I gave Becca a lesson on what I had learned from Ms. Terri's website and Ms. Terri herself (she's an awesome resource!). Becca took the pictures of me working on Sammy's hair, so you'll have to check her website for those (I'm afraid to look!)

What I learned today:

1. My daughter is bossy!

2. Pickles did OK with kids her age playing with her toys. I was really afraid she'd have that "toddler meltdown" that is so famous at this age...but she didn't. I was really proud of her!

3. I love Becca.....she's even better in person!

4. Four kids under 5 in the house = chaos!!! Whew...but it was a blast!

5. I don't mind have a messy house when the kids are smiling and having fun!

6. If this is what being "a stay at home mom" is all about...I'm all for it!


The Albertsons said...

Oh man! you're a jerk for putting that picture of me on your blog!
Just kidding.
For all of you who read this blog, let me tell you... Robin is AMAZING and was a soothing balm to my soul...
love you sister!
thanks for letting us destroy your house...
(i'll put a crazy picture of you on my blog once my other computer is fixed :)...

Dawn said...

Looks like you all had great fun! I always say if a kid goes home all neat and clean they had a boring time. If they go home messy and worn out with a little dirt on their knees they had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!!! And Becca you are so right, Robin is a great mama and a great friend!

Anonymous said...

oh.. I forgot to add.. keep that handsome little man away from Sawyer's Pickles!!

Anonymous said...

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