Thursday, February 12, 2009

Construction Updates

Front of the house with seal fixed below door and wood siding put up where original front porch was.

Front showing fixed seal under front door and wood siding put above door.

Partial poured footers....the contractor made a mistake and has to repour the footers against the house later today.

Repoured a non-existant footer at the corner of the garage....the garage was added after the original house was built. We don't know exactly what year it was built, but we do know there is basically no footers around the entire perimeter of the garage. Nice, huh???? Instead of demo-ing, we are gradually adding the footers. The cement footer you see in this picture was where the worst of the settling was -- approx 1-1/2 - 2". When I came home from work on Monday, a jack was basically holding up that corner of the garage.

2nd pour -- of the front of the garage. has been a week! David has been detained in Indiania through Friday....and the contractor is working really hard. The mason is starting on Monday to do the block work for the front porch and retaining wall against the back side of the driveway.
Overall, the work has been going well. I have to take pictures of the retaining wall footers in he back of the house. When I went home at 1:00, they had the upstairs bathroom window out and were replacing the rotted wood before they reset the window.
I know it doesn't look like much has been accomplished -- that's what I thought before I became experienced in construction (not by choice!!!). Next week, things should move at a much more visible pace!
When we get the call on the court date, I'll post. As of right now, we don't expect to hear anything until next week!


The Albertsons said...

can't wait to come visit and see the finished project!!!

Anonymous said...

coming right along, I'd say! See you on Thursday!