Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Happens When You Leave a 2 Year Old with Daddy

Did you know that men have an aversion towards diapers? Ok, most of you that are reading this blog are probably women, so I know you are all shaking your heads in agreement.

Every other Friday evening I have to make the trek in Charlotte to drop of Squeeker with his father, my ex-husband. Most of the times, the trip is annoying long, fighting Friday night traffic on the way home. Last night was no exception, except there was an accident near the Lake exit which backed the traffic up for miles going and coming. Last night, I planned a little excursion to the mall after I dropped him off. Some much needed alone time to look for a new pair of casual black shoes since I literally wore my other ones out! Normally, I would have enjoyed that time tremendously.....but last night, believe it or not, I could not find a pair of shoes to buy! As I looked around the new styles in the mall, I felt oddly out of touch with fashion and very much in touch to life as a mom with young children. My greatest fear to to be frumpy, like my own mom was (God rest her soul). Could that possibly be happening to me??????
Anyway, I picked up a few essentials while I was there and headed home. My dear, dear sweet husband, I am now completely convinced, does have an aversion towards changing diapers. Since it's been raining here a lot for the past few weeks, we haven't had a chance to do yard clean up from the construction going on. Instead of making dinner, he decides to have Pickles help him outside in the yard. Hey, I do that too when I need to get some gardening done in my flower garden. What do you think happened when Pickles announces: "Daddy, I have to go potty?" Yep, you guessed it. My husband has been in the Boy Scouts for 40+ years and no, they didn't go inside to go potty......he sat her on the new retaining wall...and let her pee. If I wasn't so disgusted at the thought, I'd be laughing my tushie off! Here's the now famous wall:

Update on the House:
Before picture with partial siding up... The bathroom window had already been moved, but they hadn't raise the roof to the shed yet.
The progress on the house has been painstakenly slow. The drawback of buying an older house is wear and tear of 60+ years. The roof was new when we bought the house, but whomever did it had no idea what they were doing. We had leaks at the roof seams until David patched it will tar. All of the flashing was installed wrong, so a large part of the garage roof and it's rafters were rotted. We had another section with a rotted rafter above the den. We had to move the bathroom window up 8 inches and over 12 to allow adequate room for the flashing, which allowed us to raise the roof of the the shed, aka "Sugar Shack." Now they are working on the sunroom......
Not quite done with the back, but WOW....what a difference!


Susan and Chad said...

In reference to your previous post - we are watching and waiting for news of that court date - may you have much, much peace in the waiting.

The Albertsons said...

the house looks GREAT!
i need to come see you soon :).
and, are you going to email me those recipes??? at least the oatmeal one (fiber) :)

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Just checking in on you. . .but had to say:

You have a good Daddy---my Dad would have done the same thing (hehehe) and then would have said he was teaching us how to "rough it" for later years. The house is coming along nice!