Saturday, April 25, 2009

House Update

Hot, tired, and sunburned...Who would have thought it would go from 40 degrees to 88 degrees. Anyway, we survived working outside all day, but boy, are we tired and sunburned. I thought there was a tube of sunscreen somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Thankfully, I'm the only one that got a really bad case of sunburn......

Ok...First picture is of the house on Thursday......I hated the way the garage looked from the very first day we looked at the house. That window is just hideous....Well, I'm happy to announce that it is GONE>>>GONE>>>>GONE!!!!! Thursday night after work, David and I worked til about 9:30 framing out and setting the windows (picture 2). We had to put the Masonite board back up where the original window was to keep anyone from ransacking the garage. Not that we thought it would happen, but you just never know!

This morning, David took down all of the Masonite can see Matthew carrying some of it to the "burn pile" in the back yard! And you see that UGLY door....gone!!!!! We did that today too!

And finally......ready to the front of the garage...doesn't it look pretty?????? We aren't happy with the way the block work came out where the door was -- we plan on fixing it somehow -- probably stutco-ing the entire front of the garage...since it doesn't match the rest of the house.

On the adoption front, nothing new...except we are less than 4 weeks away from our court date and racing against the clock to finish the house. The house project is extemely overbudget -- that's what happens when your house is over 60 years old! So, we are having to finish up a lot of the stuff ourselves........It's that, or we dip into our travel money for Ethiopia and only I travel, and honestly, I just don't want David and Matthew to miss the opportunity to meet Big and Little S as a family!


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! You all will have to come and give us some pointers for ours!

Nikki said...

Love the new windows on the side of the garage. They look very nice. We, too, live in an older home. Ours is an old farm house built in the 20's. We've worked on it on and off over the last 10 years. It's a lot of work, but you will be so pleased when you get to sit back and enjoy all that you have done. Less than four weeks... yoo hoo! Praying that God provides perfectly for you to finish up the house before traveling!