Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm so LAME....

in keeping my blog updated.....

I'm just going to post some pictures I've taken over the summer.

We've had a lot going on this summer:

Sy got braces:

The girls got some really cool princess dresses
from a friend in AZ (thanks Staci!)

We had a "Camping Day" in the back yard: made canoes out of Okra (better than eating it!)

Played Bean Bag Toss

Just being cute.......(she does that too well)

Cooked hot dogs on the open flame (Hubby is a 40+ year Boy trust me....all safety precautions were in place!)

Kick Ball Game with Big Brother DJ

And finally...Sy's concoction: Pickle, Potatoe Chip and Ketchup Sandwich ....YUCK!

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