Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday - "The Hunt"

First, let me preface my comments by stating that I am NOT a least not the typical one. I despise crowds, hate the markdown rack, and would prefer to shop online in the comfort of my home.

This has absolutely nothing to do with having 4 young children; I've always hated shopping. I guess I'm just not the typical woman. If I do have to shop, I'd much prefer to shop on my own; get in and get out, throw the bags in the truck and go home. I'm a woman on a mission when I have to shop. I'd rather be hiking than shop......GASP!

So, this year, I've watched with great interest the flurry of activity on Facebook regarding Black Friday preparation. I saw pictures of people perusing the "ads" on their coffee tables, floors, couches, etc., all on Thanksgiving Day. It's become an annual ritual for many.

I compare this ritual to that of men when they prepare to go off's almost the same, yet with a different goal. The flurry of activity, anxiety and excitement as they countdown the days to Opening Day of hunting season. And then, BOOM, no pun intended, they take off in a flurry of excitement and anticipation. The results differ: the success of getting that Buck or Doe.....the success of getting that HD TV for $199.00 at Wal-Mart, etc. You get my drift.

But I find it interesting when we compare the process of "the hunt" between men and women. We, meaning women, complain that men just don't understand us, and vice versa. If we step back and observe, we are very much the same, but our desires and objectives are different. The process is exactly the same, but the outcome of success is defined by whether we got "the deal" or if they got "the buck or doe."

I guess what saddens me more than anything about Black Friday is the amount of energy and effort that goes into it, both emotionally and physically: the hours poured over newspaper advertisements, getting up at 3am. The only time I got up that early INTENTIONALLY was to nurse my son when he was an infant or to catch an early flight.

Please don't think I'm judging...I'm not. I'm just an observer. I'm fascinated by people and have always observed and analyze behaviors.

But I wonder......why don't we put this much energy into our Faith, into reading our Bible, into sharing the Gospel with others, into really doing something to help the plight of the orphans and widows. If each one of us put even half the effort into helping others, showing kindness, we could change the world.

Call me an optimist,,,,,yeah, maybe. But from a former pessimist, this is SUCCESS!

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