Saturday, March 17, 2007

Introductory Hello

Hi, we are David and Robin from North Carolina. We've been married 3+ years -- he truly is my soul mate! I never thought I'd find a man that is so perfect for me, but when you finally give your life to God, and pray, and trust God, He is so faithful.

We have such an incredible story, but for now I'll just say that there is no doubt in our minds or hearts that God is sending us to Ethiopia to adopt. We are open to either a boy or girl, but are praying that God will send us a daughter. My step-daughter Debby, who is 23 and married to a wonder man, Steve, keeps telling us she wants a sister. So Debby, this ones for you! Love you!

We started the adoption process in January 2007, but officially kicked off the paperchase in February. Things are moving so fast that I can not believe it! God's hand is so in this adoption. Like most couples, the cost of international adoption is daunting - - how are we going to come up with all this money??? When we finally felt like Ethiopia was the country, everything fell into place: the placement agency, the peace that settled over both of us, and the finances. David's company has just exploded in the last few months. He has turned a $900 investment into over $25,000 so far!!! He is so amazing! Actually, we know it is God, because when you are faithful, in His will, He provides! And only God deserves the glory for this amazing story!

We've tentatively picked the name Evangeline Grace. We will know when we see her if this will be her name. Evangeline was my grandmother's name. All of her family called her "Vangie." I was so used to it growing up that it didn't phase me, but it is a weird knickname now that I'm older and can look at it more objectively. Grace was David's aunt's name. We will call her Eva Grace.

My 7 year old son, Matthew is not so sure about the name. He just scrunches up his nose and shakes his head. I'm still waiting for him to come up with a better one!!! Matthew is really excited about adopting, except, of course, the crying and poopy diapers! God is so working in his life --- he has such an amazing compassion for those less fortunate than him. When he saw an Oprah show about a little African boy that was sold for $20, he told me he wanted me to adopt more children and give them a home because I was such a good mommy. He just amazes me sometimes!

Ok, some of you are probably asking why Ethiopia? Matthew and I are both fair, blue eyed blondes. What a stark contrast a child from Ethiopia will be in our family!!! I can't explain why Ethiopia, except to say that I know in my heart that this is where our daughter is, so this is where we need to be. Most of our friends are really excited; a few think we are absolutely crazy since we are in our 40s!!! But God has so blessed us and both David and I feel that something is missing in our family. For those of you that don't know David, he has been working with orphans in Romania for the past 15 years. Since I met him in 2003, he has had a strong desire to adopt. Timing just wasn't right until now.......

We are members of a wonderful church. Our pastor and his wife have two bi-racial children under the age of 4. Another couple at our church just adopted a bi-racial infant girl from SC. We feel God called us to our church for exactly this purpose. Not to mention Matthew's favorite Aunt Nicole, who is also bi-racial. We love Auntie Cole because she is so funny; but today she is moany and groany (Matthew's words) because she's still in bed!!!!

That's all for now!

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