Monday, October 1, 2007


Attach is the newest picture of Pickles!!!! It is a few weeks old, prior to her getting pneumonia!!! And she had TWO TEETH!!! Wooeeeeeee!!!
Today was Pickle's last shot for her pneumonia!!!!! Time to celebrate!!! She has been moved back with the other children in Gladney's Foster Home!!!! For the past week, she's been isolated and given a dedicated care giver while she had pneumonia!!! Not like being home with momma, but the next best thing!
Courts reopened today, but no word yet. It will probably be end of the week, or maybe as late as next week before we hear anything. Every time my cell phone rings, I jump hoping and praying its Mary T!!!!
David has a seminar from Wed-Friday in beautiful Asheville, NC, but I'm staying home this year!!! Too much to do. Next week, he leaves for Canada for a 5 day business trip too! When it rains, it pours!!! I sure hope he's home when we get the "call" from Mary with news from the courts!
We live in a small southern town, everyone knows almost everyone, or at least David knows just about everyone!!!. That's about to change with the new development plans approved for our area. Rural NC is slowing seeping away from us. Today we went to Subway for lunch and ran into three different people he knew, being a "newbie" of 4.5 years to our town, I only knew one of them!!! In conversation, we were sharing the latest pictures of Pickles and we discovered there is another family in our local area just starting the adoption process for Ethiopia!!!! WOOOOEEEE....that is awesome news! Hopefully we can hook up with them and share experiences!


Christopher said...

I am so glad to hear that your little girl is doing better...I been thinking about you and how hard that must have have her sick and not be with her. I hope next is the good news of a court date. I will be watching your site for an update on the courts. Amy

The Breedlove family said...

Sorry...I forgot to sign my husband out before I posted the comment above. It was me...Amy!