Saturday, November 17, 2007

As promised....PICTURES!!!

We are finally all recovering from the "crud," jet lag and sleep deprivation!!! Things are starting to settle into a normal routine for us! Pickles is absolutely amazing!!! She's such an easy baby, except when she's hungry!!! Just like her mommy! She likes to be held, which does make it challenging to get things done, like posting pictures on my blog!! Wink, wink!! David is in the kitchen entertaining her so I have a few minutes to post some pics.
I'd first like to start with a conversation we had earlier in our week with Abby. Squeeker fell in love with a 16 year old girl named Kelab from the Kechene orphanage. He begged us for two days to adopt her. After repeated attempts trying to explain to him that she was too old for us to adopt, I promised him I'd talk to Abby or Ryan about her. It's so funny how things work! To make a long story short, Abby confirmed that Kelab could not be adopted because although she has a younger sibling, she had not been relinquished and was not eligible for adoption in the US - 16 is the age limit without a younger sibling. I then asked about helping her in some way and "sponsorship" came up. At the time, I had no clue what "sponsorship" meant!!! Basically, it's when someone helps them pay for their education to hopefully break the poverty cycle. When children in the orphanages age out at 18, they are given the equivalent of $500 USD and let go. Most, unfortunately, cannot make it and the girls usually turn to a life of prostitution, which we know eventually ends up with an unwanted pregnancy, and potentially an HIV positive diagnosis. The one way to break the cycle of poverty is education. So, for all of you out there that say "adoption is just not for me," there is a way for you to help a child through sponsorship. All monies donated go directly to the individual child to help her/him with education and educational expenses, i.e. taxi fares to/from school, etc. Kelab was already being sponsored so we asked about sponsoring another child.

At lunch the next day with Belay (who is the most amazing person you will ever meet --- he loves these kids so much!!! And yes Belay, we'll be there for your 25th anniversary!!!!) I asked him about sponsoring a child. He looked a little stunned for a moment and then told us that he doesn't believe in coincidences. He received a letter that morning from one of the older girls at the Kechene orphanage. At 16, she did not pass the test to get into University, which most that attend government schools do not, so went to school for 3 years to be a teacher and was currently teaching English to 3-5th graders. She went on to say in her letter that she realized education was the key to her success and her way out of poverty. I held my hand up and said "stop, I've heard enough, we'll do it, we'll do it." Poor David never knew what happened but just smiled knowing God and I had another one of our moments. I never asked how much, what was involved, nothing! I just knew this was a divine moment!!!

Later that day, we went back to Kechene to meet her, her name is Meseret ( I don't think I spelled that right.) She is beautiful!!! I would have taken her home with us if could. Maybe one day we can bring her here to the states, but in the meantime, we consider her part of our family.

Introducing Meseret..................


Laura said...

Wow! She's breathtaking! I hope we can do this too once we pay off all of our adoption expenses.

Bettina said...

I must say that is amazing! My name is Bettina and I volunteered at Kechene for 10 months and Mest as they all call her, is absolutely amazing and was one of my closest companions. She works so hard for her students and the little ones living at Kechene. I'm so happy to hear that she now will have support, as I am currently not able to support her as much as she deserves!!! Wow! How small the world is!

Bettina said...

Oh and I have PLENTY of pictures of her as well if you would like some! :)