Friday, November 16, 2007

Making Progress

WOOOEEEEEEEEEEEE, Pickles slept through the night last night!!! I almost fell out of bed when I saw it was 5am instead on 1am!!!!!

Squeeker also lost another tooth this week! It was dangling by a root. He could turn the tooth horizontally with his tongue, much to his delight. He totally grossed out the girls at school -- I think that was his plan all along!!

I'll post pics soon!



chris said...

Hey Robin,
I just wanted to drop you a line of encouragement. Don't let all the mess going on with the message board affect these first special days with your Pickles. I know, and I think all of those that have come to know you through your blog know, that you didn't mean anything by what you wrote. Give your baby girl lots of hugs...and don't let it get to you. I always want to leave myself open to new avenues of learning, but it should never have to be done in such a negative way. After all...we are adults and are not adopting on the spur of the moment. NO NEGATIVE ENERGY! Adoption is hard enough by itself, right? Just wanted to send a blog hug your way :) Amy

Amy Breedlove said...

Sorry Robin...that was me that posted the last comment...I forgot to sign my husband out first. said...

It sounds like you are feeling better! Good news!

the albertsons said...

HI Robin,
Your sweet baby is precious- congratulations! We are also adopting from Ethiopia- I'm on that board where you were "yelled at." It's a shame that people have to take things out of context and act so immature. I have a friend from Liberia and I asked her about it- she said that if people worry about stuff like that, they are miserable and missing the "big picture" of life- to love and respect one another. We all make mistakes, and we should all have grace for one another. I'm SO sorry that you were treated that badly! I'm staying away from that board, needless to say! Just wanted to join Amy in sending you encouragement. The important thing is that you are home with your sweet daughter!!!
take care,