Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Pics

Uncle Anbes, our wonderful driver, and his beautiful wife, Mytin!!! Love you guys!!!! Toward the middle of the week, Squeeker and Anbes really bonded. One night we were out looking for a converter because we fried ours the first day we were there (hence, the bad hair days the rest of the trip!!!). We were crossing a street and told Squeeker he had to hold someone's hand. He chose Anbes' hand!! It was sooooo sweet! We actually started calling him Uncle Anby -- you know how we American's do that to people's names!!! Mytin works at the Sheratin -- she is awesome and so beautiful!!! We even got Anbes hooked on Allison Kraus (southern Bluegrass) if you can believe it!!!!

For you Gladney families out there, Anbes knows the best restaurants, and the best place to convert US$ to Birr!!! Don't go to the Hilton or the Sheraton -- they charge you a higher exchange rate!

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