Saturday, November 17, 2007

Workenesh - aka Momma Caregiver

I can't even begin to describe to you the love the Gladney caregivers have for the children. Pickle's was at the Gladney Foster Care Center for 5 months, long enough to form attachments to some of the caregivers. We are so very grateful for these courageous young woman who truly love these children. Most of us know how important the bonding process is to a child's normal development. These young girls selflessly love these children as their own. This hour long meeting with Workenesh was probably more emotional than meeting with Pickle's birth mom -- she has spent more time with her than anyone else since her birth.

I think this picture speaks more than I could ever write in words.........

To Workenesh --- you are so beautiful and David and I are so very grateful for the love you've poured out on our daughter these last five months. She is a wonderful little girl, and to you we owe that. Thank you for you giving unselfishly to her --- we love you!


David and Robin

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Ellie said...

We met her and I absolutely LOVED her!!! She was the sweetest thing. They all take such wonderful care of thye babies and really love them.