Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall, Part II

Wow...can you believe these pictures. They Balloon Rally balloons flew right over our house today. We had front row seats without ever having to leave our home!
Fall is definitely upon us here in the South....the trees are starting to turn, the nights are getting cool and the air is dry. This is by far my favorite time of the year! I wish it could stay this way all year round!
The kids are doing great! There is no doubt that Pickles is approaching the terribly or trying twos. She's developing quite the stubborn spirit! Is it my lot in life to have children that are strong willed????? Maybe because I am and can relate? Boo, aka Squeeker, is also doing great! He spent the night at a friend's last night and today and had a blast just being a boy. He came home stinking of the creek -- he'd been "gold digging" all afternoon!!! Ah.......the joys of childhood. Somedays I wish I could just turn back the clock....................

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Renee said...

Robin- we would love to meet up for lunch! We'll be in Asheville Nov 8th-10t, let me know what would work best for you. We can meet you somewhere if that easier too. Send me an email.