Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Have a Grand Baby Girl!!!

G.E. (using initials to protect her) was born tonight weighing in at 9 lbs. , 21 1/2" long at 7:10pm. It was a long, hard labor. My beautiful step-daughter delivered her naturally!!! Wow.....I'm not sure if I'm impressed or amazed at her strength and determination to have this baby naturally. It was a bit scary at the end -- G.E. was face up and the doctor had to turn her -- they had the OR prepped and ready to do a C-section. But they were able to deliver her naturally. It was pretty scary there at the end.

I don't have any more details yet -- proud Grand Daddy David is still at the hospital. He wanted to see his first "babygirl" and her baby before he left the hospital. Hopefully, he's coming home with a camera full of pictures which I'll post as soon as I get my hands on the camera!

Wow.....I continue to be amazed at how perfectly God made us women to birth children! And how incredibly blessed I am to be able to grow my family through adoption! Childbirth is SCARY!!!!!!

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