Monday, December 1, 2008

Putting Up The Christmas Tree

If you look real close, you can see Squeeker under the tree against the wall. Pickles definitely wanted in on the fun!

Squeeker hanging an ornament -- notice most of the ornaments are all in the same place!!!!

I just love the inspi(RED) ornaments -- we have two of these! They look so pretty when the light reflects off of them.

The next bunch of pictures were take for our Christmas cards. I usually take the kids to Sears, pay a fortune..blah, blah, blah. This year, thanks to a blog friend, saved me time, money, but more importantly, sanity in getting to stay away from the mall with the kids! Whew...I'm thankful I escaped that!

The instrument Pickles is holding is a traditional Ethiopian string instrument, called a Kerar. We bought two or three of them when we were in Ethiopia last year.

Whew....we did it. The tree was up and decorated before December 1st. I think this was an all time record in our house. I'm not a fan of putting up the tree on Thanksgiving weekend, but...... past Christmas' seasons passed through my head over the weekend and I soon realized that if we procrastinated as we usually do, I get really stressed about the tree not being up. So,,,,,we took the plunge, pulled out enough of the Christmas stuff to get the tree up and decorated -- it took about 2 hours total. I'm so grateful for lighted trees. Although a fan of real trees, last year we succumbed to the pressure and bought a pre-lit tree. With kids, it's just easier, not to mention that we supplement our heat with wood and a real tree dries out too quickly!
There were a few pictures of me that David took -- but honestly, I was in my jammies, and didn't feel they were decent enough to post!
I'm starting to get excited about Christmas this year.....the holidays have been tough since my mom passed 3 1/2 years ago.....This year, I just might be able to get out her box of ornaments and put them on the tree.........I hope she's looking down at me from heaven and smiling...........


Anonymous said...

The tree and the kiddos are beautiful. I hope you can pull out those ornaments and have a peaceful heart. I am sure your mom is smiling down on you and your beautiful children. We need to catch up sometime so you can fill me in on what is going on with you all!

Tonia said...

what adorable pictures! Yours kids are just precious and so lucky to have such a wonderful mama!~!

I would love to know who is helping you with Christmas cards!! I had someone on line do mine last year, but she is no where to be found!
If he or she is taking customers that is :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!

The Albertsons said...

your mama IS looking down on you :). She wants you to enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Go for it! let your heart run wild this Christmas, knowing that she is right their with you celebrating... it's true!
And, your tree is lovely... your children are even lovelier...
merry christmas!
(ps- go to "red mountain church" website (just google it) and order "silent night"... their new christmas cd. it is one of the most beautiful christmas cd's I've ever heard!!!)