Monday, May 11, 2009

Desperate Prayer Request

I've been blogging now for approximately two years. Although I originally started to help communicate to friends and family about our adoption journey, I've discovered lately that my heart has slowly been changing. Blogging does not come without conflict. Most of us that have been doing this awhile have experienced the "backlash" of blogging when our written words sometimes do not convey the true character of our heart. Or in my case, specifically, my sometimes warped sense of humor can come across offensive in the written medium.

And sometimes, blogging can be used as an advocacy to promote/inform others of your passion. For me, I am incredibly and wholeheartedly passionate about the plight of orphans in this world. Strangely, I really didn't see this coming. I was a woman who didn't want children for so many years, but here I am, traveling down this road of motherhood AND advocacy, as uncomfortable and frightening as that may be.

So, with all that said......I'm urging, begging, and praying that this post from an adoptive mom will jolt you into action. I realize 'jolt' is a strong word, but this circumstance needs action fast. Prayer is a powerful tool. I ask that anyone who reads this post and the link to Coffeemom's blog, will at the very least, pray. If God is prompting you in another way to help; if for some strange reason, whomever reading this post has the power to change these circumstances and get this girl home, then God will get the glory!

Michelle & Tom....even thought we've never met, we share your pain, your hurt, and the agony as you wait to bring Marta home.


coffeemom said...

Robin, thank you thank you. This just so humbles me even as we are so grateful for any of the effort and if anything can come of this...even if perhaps not for our girl but for others stuck and who will be stuck (and they will, unless policy changes fast).
Bless you, and oh my goodness, thank you!!! Love michele

The Albertsons said...

love you!!!

Jena said...

Hi Robin
Thank you for the little note about your court date being next Thurs. as well. These last few weeks have been quite a roller coaster. We will continue to pray for you as you await your court date too. If you would like to email me, my email is blessings to you, Jena Zimmerman