Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garage: Check. Front Porch: Partial Check

 it is. Still not quite finished. The contractor notified us at 4:30ish on Friday afternoon that we AGAIN needed to order additional siding supplies. We ran out of soffit for the ceiling of the front porch and some J channel that it connects too. David is placing what is hopefully our last order with them tomorrow.

We worked all day Saturday and got everything but the very top row of the front under the porch and the garage sided, plus major clean-up in the front yard. The mason has to come back when we are ready for him to block up the garage opening, so we'll wait until then to have him brick up the steps off the porch.

Ok...this picture is the one I need comments on. Does anyone notice anything wrong with this picture??????


Anonymous said...

LOOKS GREAT! And I still don't see anything wrong!

Renee said...

Are the posts not spaced correctly? Still looks great! Getting excited for court? I am :)

Robin said...


ooooh..the posts are a BIG issue with me and our contractor. It's too late to fix it b/c of Code issues.

Yes...I am getting excited....and nervous. We've been working like crazy trying to finish up the house while trying to squeeze in some fun (unsuccessful, I might add!) in our rush to get it down before we travel.

becca albertson said...

hi friend!
Yeah, it's the posts, right? but hey, at least you have a front porch... so adorable. and the siding looks GREAT!
Now you just have an ABSTRACT front porch :).
so excited about court...

Lori S said...

It looks great! Don't focus on the posts!!!

I commented on your other blog about public speaking then realized it was posted in FEBRUARY!! Ha! still laughing!

Hope court goes GREAT!

J, A and T said...

Looking great!!!! Praying for your courtdate.