Saturday, June 13, 2009

House Update.....

Just a handful of days left to go before we depart for Ethiopia, and I'm afriad that yes, we are still working on the house. I haven't updated in awhile, because honestly, not much visible (electrical work, etc.) stuff was happening. The rain delayed the mason from coming back and finishing up the stairs to the front porch and closing in the garage. This week, the weather cleared long enough for the mason to get the work done.

David is now outside, working furiously, to finish up closing in that wall! The garage door came down last night.......Bye-bye garage. I'm sad....I really loved parking my car in the garage, especially when it rained. year, when we'll have enough $$$ to finish the inside, we'll have a beautiful and BIG family room!!!

On the packing front: I would have thought 6 suitcases would have been enough space to take all that we needed! Well, we have 4 bags packed, and only one of them has clothes in it. I still have to pack everyones clothes, but Big S's. I'm starting to worry that I'm not going to have enough room. I contacted Mary T. this week and asked her if Gladney could use all of the baby clothes that no longer fit Pickles -- those clothes alone took up an entire suitcase!
I'll post more pictures of the garage/turned family room as the day progresses.
And finally, at 7pm, we installed both windows and the door. Tomorrow's job: buy a lockset for the door and put up the siding.......more pictures to come.

Although we aren't quite ready for our Cert of Occupancy, we are very, very close!

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