Friday, September 25, 2009

I started this post half a dozen times in the past week, but nothing felt right. Now, of course, I have so much to say and not sure where to start or how even to title it.

Let me start with this:

I've had both writer's block and an emotional block these last few weeks. Not sure what to feel, what to write, so I chose not to write anything. Our dear, dear friends who have been married for 25+ years are in crisis. He asked her for a divorce a few weeks ago and it has me feeling unsettled and scared. All marriages go through rough times, and the divorce rate in our country is so high, yet when it hits so close to home, it's unsettling.

There have been other developments going on at our house too. We've seemed to settle in to a rough around the edges "normal." The boys are doing better; the girls are doing great -- you would think they were in the womb together the way they interact with one another. Last week, we had to put them in separate rooms at night because one of them was doing the "instigating" but I couldn't figure out which one it was. Well, the other night, David put them to bed; I was at church and came home to find them in the bed, nose to nose talking up a storm. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Somehow, they were meant to be sisters.

I, on the other hand, have been struggling with some stuff these last few months and finally can "see the light." I've been praying fervently that God will change my heart, give me peace, and joy and contentment in motherhood. Honestly, I'm a typical Type A personality that needs to see goals being accompished, items on my to-do list checked off. I need to see progress. And looking at a sink full of dirty dishes all day does nothing for my temperment.

But maybe I'm starting to realize that accomplishing nothing, or very little, is a good thing. Does it mean I'm more focused on nurturing my children, and just "being" instead of being driven to complete something worldly and tangible?

I've been doing a lot of researh on homeschooling lately and a dear friend directed me to this website as a resource she uses to homeschool her children. She's the "homeschooling" veteran, and honestly, I needed some advise from a veteran. I've been doing my research, knowing God has preparing me for this, yet still feeling incredibly fearful and unsettled. Yet, this website, stopped me dead in my tracks. It really captured exactly what I've been struggling with.

Today, at the gym, I had this realization: some women were born to be mothers, others grow into the role, sometimes kicking and screaming. I, I'm afraid to admit, fall into the latter category. I was born into a family of very selfish people; selfishness is something I never had to work hard just came naturally to me. And being a mother, well, we have to give it up and I've been struggling with holding on to just a little, itty-bitty piece of me. And then this encouraging page on Jeannie's website set me free. The irony, if there is any, is that I just read the Oswald Chambers devotion a week or so ago about this same subject: "Forgetting About Me." I just love how God reaffirms to me exactly what I need to hear, just in case I didn't get it the first time! I can be a little stubborn, you know!

Slowly, a peacefulness has started to creep over my ugliness. My patience is increasing....I'm laughing, I'm enjoying my children, and I'm working on being less "self-aware." This is a season, one I hope I can look back on as joyful, even through the struggles.

And through all of the chaos in this transition, I continue to see God and how awesome He is. Big S accepted Jesus as His Savoir this week and I was honored to be able to walk him through the Prayer of Salvation. What an incredible honor and a gift that God gave me in that moment.

So, what you ask, was it that "set me free?" This very simple sentence. I hope you too can be set free by it!

"If we forget about ourselves and look only to God, then we will truly be able to love others as He calls us to do." Jeannie Fulbright


Midwest Mommy said...

Thanks for your honesty. I think we must all struggle with selfishness at times. I think I am right now...why can't I just have ten minutes on the computer without interuption????? Anyway, I have been homeschooling for seven years...successfully??? I don't know, we will see! If you ever want to talk, let me know.

Audra said...

We may be homeschooling Yonas and Nolan. I feel like you, "can I do this?" But I think it will work and be good for them! Good luck! I know the transition to a big family is hard, but it is SO worth it!

Nikki said...

O.K.... are you sure you were writing this about YOU, because you captured so many of the thoughts and feelings I have had these last weeks and months. I really get what you are saying, and I can even guess some of the 'stuff' that you didn't write about directly, because we in the same boat in a lot of ways. Selfishness, dirty dishes, some kiddos coming along easier than others, a peace in the midst of struggles... I am all there.

I've been pretty absent on the blogs and FB lately. Just haven't had the time or energy. So glad I checked yours tonight.

We've just finished one of our most successful weeks with the kids. I think others wouldn't think it so successful looking from the outside in, but as a mommy I know hearts, fears, tears, power struggles are all beginning to settle into some amount of comfort, safety and trust.

Thinking of you!