Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can We Adopt You???

This question was asked of me this week.

I had to smile, and maybe giggle a little. Helllllooooooooooooo, I'm going to be 4o-something next month.

The question came from a 60-something year old woman who has unofficially assumed the role of "mom" to me. She's had no biological children of her own, yet has take me under her wing, giving me wings to soar, courage to be strong, yet weak with her unconditional love and support. I love her more I could have dreamed possible.

Today is Momma J & Poppa Dave's 47th anniversary. Do you know, that although they did not birth me, I am their daughter in every way possible. Look at the numbers....I would have been born 13 months after they married....is that a coincidence, or another one of God's bigger plans that we can't get our arms around.

And, today, I called to say "hi" but forgot it was their anniversary (am I horrible or what???).

They want to adopt me.......Can you adopt a 40-something year old woman legally? No, probably not, but I wish they could. I've often wondered what my life would have been like to be born to different parents? Southern parents to boot. Would I be a different women? a different mom? I don't know, but know God has woven this incredible tapestry called my life and I'm amazed at how it all fits together......

Why, do you ask, does Momma J want to adopt me? Because I asked Poppa Dave to say the prayer over Big S when he gets baptized soon. The honor truly belongs to him: as a Poppa to me and a GrandPoppa to my children. I'll be sure and post pictures of this moment, which I'm sure will be memorable!

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Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed to have such special people in your life. And I am to have you in mine.