Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Twist in the Adoption Journey

I just knew something wasn't right last night. My mother's intuition had kicked in big time last night. Confirmation came earlier today when I got the call from Mary at Gladney. Bad news, bad news, and then some more bad news (sounds pretty gloomy today, doesn't it???).

First, in typical Ethiopian fashion, the courts extended their annual closure for another week and will not reopen until Monday, October 1st. That in itself would have been enough to swallow.

The really bad news: Pickles is suffering from pneumonia, bordering on being serious, along with a bacteria skin infection on the back of her neck and bottom. Deep breath, Robin!!! Motherly instinct is to jump on a plane and hold her until she's better. Reality is something entirely different. Now, more than ever, I need to rely on God, knowing his plan is perfect and that he's got this under control. Truthfully, I'm falling apart today, on the verge of tears. Any moment now they will come and I will not be able to control them.

Please, pray for Pickles and our family today.

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Ellie said...

aww.. we will be praying for you guys and pickles. We are also adopting through gladney and we are getting three babies from Ethiopia. Our Josiah had a lung infection about 2 weeks ago so I know exactly how you feel.
Not too much longer now and we will have them in our arms.

Eileen Mestas
We are also in NC!