Monday, March 2, 2009


Oh is absolutely beautiful out! Who would have thought a major snow storm would hit North Carolina in March?????

Squeeker's comments spoken just moments ago: "Mommy....this is such a God moment!"

Here's a peak......more pics to come later of the kids in the snow!

Squeeker making a snow angel.

I love this one.....we finally were able to get Pickles, aka, DRAMA GIRL, on the sled. She does not like the snow. Her exact quote: "Snow bit me." Well.....if she would keep her mittens on it might not be so bad!!!
The beginning of the meltdown........


The Albertsons said...

yep.... sooooo pretty :). we got 6 inches... the kids have been sledding all morning! sam cried a lot at first... he was so freaked out! i'll post pics later :)

Anonymous said...

wasn't it just beautiful?? We didn't get to sled, but Sean and the kids did build a snowman. Bug wasn't sure at first, but my brave Sweetie dove right in!